Courses which will be modular are designed to develop screen acting skills in tandem with giving a real understanding of a professional environment.
The basic course will begin by covering the fundamentals of acting technique through a series of workshops aimed at demystifying the acting process. These will cover the basics of the Stanislavski System as taught in most major drama schools ,as well as looking at other contemporary methods of actor training. Skills will be developed to a more advanced level through script work and improvisation. Techniques will then be applied to Acting for the Camera. The emphasis will be placed on learning through doing.
Acting for Camera Skills will be put into practice in the production of a short video drama, which will be taken from casting through rehearsal, and production to post production.
There will be an introductory workshop in the post production process to give students an awareness of the various layers of development necessary for the full construction of the film narrative.
The Short Film Drama will be shot on tape on location under professional conditions with a small professional crew, allowing students to gain first hand experience of working in a professional environment.
The film will be taken into the post production process where student’s will have the opportunity to observe part of the editing process in order to gain experience and understanding of how an actors performance directly effects decisions made during
the edit.
At the end of the course the film will be screened before an invited audience and copies will be made available for students.
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