Courier Courier c1b Image Courier c2b Imagee Courier c3b Image
Winner of an Alfred Hitchcock Award, and a VET completion fund. Short Super 16mmDrama. A contemporary Suspense thriller. 10 mins & 15 mins. When Luke, a spin painter & Cycle Courier discovers that he ‘s been delivering human body parts he finds himself caught in a dark underworld. His art and life begin to merge reality breaks down as the two worlds collide in a crescendo of paint and blood.
Greek Greek1b Image Greek2b Image Greek3b Image
Fusion’s production opened at The Edinburgh Festival and toured through out England & abroad to rave reviews for its direction & performances. A tour de force of visual & physical theatre. Fusion was funded by the ACGB.
Movie, Movie Movie, Movie1b Image Movie, Movie2b Image Movie, Movie3b Image
An early devised multi–media production, inspired by the films of Buster Keaton.
Number Diamond Number Diamonds1b Image Number Diamonds2b Image Number Diamonds3b Image
Off The Rails Off The Rails1b Image Off The Rails2b Image Off The Rails3b Image

A multi media fashion show. An Eclectic Mix of fashion, dance & performance.

Rasputin Rasputin1 Image Rasputin2 Image Rasputin3 Image
A Fusion / Kaboodle devised production One of a number of co-productions by the two Companies that pushed back the boundaries of physical theatre. Fusion / Kaboodle was funded by the ACGB.
Rocka & The Angel - The Movie Rocka & The Angel1m Image Rocka & The Angel2m Image Rocka & The Angel3m Image
Short Film Drama 23 mins. Set in a Madmaxesque world of Scrap and booze, Rocka an, old rock & roller is forced to face his broken dreams, when in a moment of violence an Angel confronts him through his t.v. set to make him face the music.
Rocka & The Angel - The Theatre Production Rocka & The Angel1t Image Rocka & The Angel2t Image Rocka & The Angel3t Image
A Rock & Roll Musical incorporating Multi-media (adapted from the short Film) Commissioned by Pentabus Theatre Co.with Funding from ACGB, West Midlands Arts & The National Lottery
Usher usher1 Image usher2 Image usher3 Image
Adapted from the Edgar Allan Poe story by Steven Berkoff. A total theatre production inspired by the work of Antonin Artaud
The production was funded by NW.Arts
The Clayman/ Decadence The Clayman1_b Image Decadence1_b Image  

Clayman was a large scaleTotal Theatre event.

Decadence: The New End Theatre. Hampstead - celebrating the centenary of the plays first original performance at the theatre.