Productions include:
Courier Image

COURIER. Super 16 Short.Fiction . Winner of An Alfred Hitchcock Award 2001 /2002 - the film was funded by The London Borough of Waltham Forest & LFVDA. It also won an online completion bursary & sound dub awarded by VET. When Luke, an abstract artist and spin painter takes a job as a cycle courier he discovers that he’s delivering human body parts. As he’s drawn into the dark under world of a psychopathic killer he finds him self caught in a cycle of destruction as his inner visionary world begins to merge with his life. Reality breaks down as two worlds collide in a crescendo of paint and blood. Screenings incl. Cannes Film Fest, Raindance 2002 & Brightons Hot House, (including discussion.) Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square as part of program called The Edge & Mc Guffins London Film Festival.

Written /Directed by Rikki Tarascas & Co-produced by Rene Carlos Lee, COURIER was shot with a crew of 20 including Director of Photography Roger Eaton. Off line edit by Curious Yellow Ltd. Music by Xian Vassey. Originally conceived, as a feature COURIER is available in 10 min & 15min versions The film, inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock .was shot to explore various visual and narrative ideas for a feature story.

Sales Agent – Dawn @ The Short Film Bureau.  

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ROCKA & THE ANGEL. Short film, funded by the National Lottery. Set in a Madmaxesque world of scrap, gambling & booze Rocka & the Angel is the story of Rocka, an aging rock and roller, living in an imaginary 50’s past to escape from the realities of his life and Austin a mute ten year old boy the lone survivor of a motorway accident. Rocka acquired Austin from the Oil People in exchange for an old car. He called him Austin Maestro after the car and uses him as slave labour in the yard. As the narrative unfolds Austin leads Rocka to face his broken dreams, when in a moment of violence an Angel confronts Rocka through his t.v. Set to make him face the music. Screenings include. Greenwich Film Festival, ICA Head Rush Festival, Raindance Festival & Cannes Film Festival. Post Production @ Sosho Ltd Edited by James Bryse.

Writer/Director/Producer-Rikki Tarascas.
ROCKA & THE ANGEL was commissioned by Pentabus Theatre Company to be re-written as a full length stage musical incorporating multi media. Re –written to a specific brief it was toured by Pentabus Funded by the Arts Council of Great Britain.West Midlands Arts & The National Lottery.

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Other projects produced by Inocente Art & Film and directed by Rikki Tarascas include;

KITES. A 10 min Short Documentary - very visual documentary on kite flying. Development for larger project.

LIFE STYLE AD. Poetic life style ad. shot in France.

THE CLAYMAN was a large-scale out door event including spectacle,a giant maze of fire & an indoor show housed in a circus tent. Commissioned by East Midlands Arts & Notts County Council New Art Works & Manchester European City of Drama Festival. DECADENCE by Steven Berkoff @ The New End Theatre. Hampstead - celebrating the centenary of the plays first original performance at the theatre. Starring- Joe Tucker (Lava & Mike Leigh).

The Clayman